• Monthly Progress 2009

  • Septic
    (Septic Installation and placement)
  • Solar
    (Solar Panels,Battery Bank and Inverter Installation)
  • September 2009
    (Ground Breaking - Excavation)
  • October 2009
    (Footings, weeping tile, sump and Level 1 SeaCan Placement)
  • November_2009
    (Heat-sink wall, grounding, strapping, insulation and seacan tower placement)
  • December 2009
    (Securing and Placing More Cans, Main Electrical Panel, Wall openings)

  • 2009

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  • Monthly Progress 2010

  • January_2010
    (Stairway L1 to L2, Wall and door removal, Exterior Insulation, Backfill)
  • February_2010
    (Painting and Wall Removal, Wood Stove Installed)
  • March_2010
    (Level 2 Chimney, Lighting, Full Wall Removal)
  • April_2010
    (Main House Electrical Panel, Wall Prep)
  • May_&_June_2010
    (Level 1 Main Walls Painting and New Wall Framing and Finishing)
  • June_2010
    (Level 1 Drywall Installation and Finishing)
  • July_2010
    (Passageway and Beam Prep, Painting)
  • August_2010
    (Level 2 Beams Installed, Stair Cases, Seacan Placement and Windows)
  • September_2010
    (Stair Rails, Wall Cut-outs, Window Openings and Heat Tank Pad)
  • October_2010
    (Heat-sink Pad, Dimple Membrane, Beam on Level 3 West, Bracing for Backfill)
  • November_2010
    (Backfill, Level 3 Electrical, ICF Formwork and Boiler)
  • December_2010
    (North Tower Stairwell, Wind Turbine and New Generator)

  • 2010

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  • Monthly Progress 2011

  • January_2011
    (Level 3 South and North beams, Window Frame Installation and Wind Generator)
  • February_2011
    (Level 3 North beam, New Solar Panel Installation and Level 3 door)
  • March_2011
    (Level 3 Window Framing, Interior Wall Construction and Beam for Level 4 cans)
  • April_2011
    (Beams for Level 4 cans, Level 3 Door Framing and Window Placement)
  • May_2011
    (Balance of Level 4 cans)
  • June_2011
    (Steel for Roof Truss and North Tower Wall Framing)
  • July_2011
    (Mobile Roof Crane, North Tower Roof Opening and Roof Truss System)
  • August_2011
    (Roof Truss System Completion, Top Staircase, Upper Deck Support Mounting and Wall Panel Removal)
  • September_2011
    (Interior Wall Panel Removal, Roof Insulation and Decking, Window and Door Framing, and Exterior Walls)
  • October_2011
    (Roof Decking and Rebar, Exterior Strapping, Insulation and OSB, Backfill Garage Area and Level 4 Electrical)
  • November_2011
    (Concrete on Roof and Garage Door Opening, Exterior Strapping, Insulation and OSB)
  • December_2011
    (Exterior Insulation and OSB)

  • 2011

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  • Monthly Progress 2012

  • January_2012
    (Exterior Completion, Garage interior perimeter beams and walls)
  • February_2012
    (Garage and Shop Area, Mandoor and Heater)
  • March_2012
    (Snow, Shop Painting, Security System and North Stairwell Electrical)

  • 2012

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